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"Scheiß da nix, dann feid da nix!" at the forest kindergarten

The musicians Andi Wimmer and Mike von Heimendahl from the band "Scheiß da nix, dann feid da nix!" rocked the forest kindergarten Schleching in style.

The musicians' idea was to play rhythmic music in Bavarian dialect together with the forest children. This spontaneous idea from the musicians became an absolute hit with the kids. With enthusiasm, the children danced and sang to songs like "Where we are, it's spring", "Your eyes", "Autumn in Achental", "Scheiß da nix, dann feid da nix!" or "Down in the green meadow" until they made the forest floor tremble. Using little wooden sticks and instruments, they accompanied the music band and joyously belted out the catchy refrains.

Andi and Mike excelled at motivating the children with their spirited songs, inspiring them to sing and dance. The children had so much fun and delight during the musicians' performance that the next day, they immediately asked: "Is today another fantastic party with music?" A heartfelt thank you for your wonderful performance at our forest kindergarten Schleching! Irmi Klauser

Servus Achental berichtet in der Ausgabe 155 / August 2023 on page 53.

🚁 Live music + RC models = Fun style Airshow ✈

Chiemsee Airshow of Flightgroup Achental

Musicians of the band "Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix!" at the Airshow 2022 from left to right: Michael von Heimendahl, Andreas Wimmer, Petra Stegmaier, Gerlinde Präauer. Photo: Raphael von Heimendahl.

With joy, we had the privilege to open the Airshow under the most beautiful weather and captivate 289 spectators between 10 and 11 a.m. with our music! Over 3500 visitors, half of them children and adolescents, witnessed breathtaking aerial demonstrations by top pilots throughout the day!!

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt Rosenheimer Tageszeitung
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✮ Encuraging people with disabilities in playing gigs ✮

EDEKA Grassau - We Love Life Assistance - April 2021

EDEKA Kaltschmid and the Chiemgau band "Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix!" support the Lebenshilfe Traunstein band.

The special thing: All musicians of the Lebenshilfe Traunstein band live with a handicap.

Lebenshilfe Traunstein Band

The band led by sound and lighting technician Michael Steffl has now received an EDEKA trolley with an intermediate shelf as a gift, to be able to transport their instruments to Marcos, their regular pub. The Achentaler cult band "Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix!" built them a multifunctional soundbox on wheels, complete with amplifier, mixing console, microphone holders, and LED light bars, which can also be pushed through the city.

Band of Life Assistance Traunstein

Easy mobile PA for the Band of Life Assistance Traunstein.

If you also want to support the band or engage them, please contact us by phone at +491731787517 or via WhatsApp/SMS.

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