Band Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix!
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Achentaler cult band
wins German Rock and Pop award 2023

We've swept in five categories! The musical appreciation with certificates was presented to us on December 16th in the Siegerlandhalle on the big stage. The music and video of the band handmade by the songwriter Andi Wimmer and Michael von Heimendahl successfully stood out among 1500 competitors. The journey started early in the morning by train to Siegen: A rail trip full of anticipation led the Achental dialect interpreters, accompanied by the band photographer and young talent Raphael, across Germany to receive the coveted prizes.

The expert jury awarded our exceptional music video: "Wo mia san is Frühling" (where we are, it's spring) in which we express it through the flower(s). We tell the story of love that can enchant all living beings from a completely different perspective. Great to have you on our website, feel free to like us on YouTube

We are proud of the 1st place in the category "best wind instrument" - Andi Wimmer shows live how much more you can get out of a Seydel harmonica. While there were almost more "Fotzhobln" (bavarian dialect for wind instrument) than people in the wartime years, this instrument is quite special today.

MVH · Deutscher Rock Und Pop Preis 2023 Bestes Blasinstrument Platz 1 Mundharmonika

Trying something new in life is worth it: "Wer ko der ko" (who can, can) is the best folk rock song and motivates exactly that. "Deine Augn" (your eyes) highlights the advantages of mask-wearing, is the best pop song, and our song for the radio with an imaginative Corona music video. We wrote the special Bavarian song "Ursula Noreia" and composed very emotionally music for it. Best dialect interpreter is a very stylish award for this song, we carry for Bavaria lyrics in our hearts!

Leadsheet: Herbst im Ochadoi
Leadsheet: Hoibe Wurscht
Leadsheet: Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix!
Leadsheet: Scheisshausbabier
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